Letters to the Editor

Bercedis Peterson: Tillis neglecting constituents

Regarding the Feb. 20 news article “Congress members to hard to find”: Thank you, N&O, for letting your readers know that Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr are refusing to have town hall meetings with their constituents.

Your article lists several of Tillis’ explanations for why he won’t have town hall meetings. While he said that scheduling is difficult and that “facility restrictions ... would limit accessibility,” these issues apparently haven’t been a problem for other members of Congress, and in the past these issues weren’t a restriction for Tillis either.

While Tillis implied that holding online forums is an acceptable substitute for a town hall meeting, anyone who has ever participated in such a forum knows they are a feeble substitute.

Finally, Tillis claimed that “some individuals ... attend town halls just to create ... media spectacles.” True, but I’m guessing that Tillis is referring to the town halls he’s had with members of the tea party during the Obama administrations. He can’t be talking about the constituents who have recently been clamoring for a town hall meeting with him, because we’ve not yet had a chance to show Tillis that we know how to play nice.

Give us one town hall meeting, senator, and if we misbehave, then he can say he tried.

Bercedis Peterson