Letters to the Editor

Larry Wolf: NCGA not supporting schools

Regarding the Feb. 17 news article “Unanimous N.C. House ups cap on class size, skirting cuts”: Let’s follow the “logic” in the recent NCGA vote to enlarge K-3 class size in public schools.

First, the NCGA regularly touts its support for public education. Second, it correctly realized that smaller class size, especially for younger students, is very good education policy so it passed a law requiring smaller classes. Third, various school personnel pointed out that they would have to cut PE and Art classes because the legislators did not include any funding for the additional teachers and classrooms that would be needed if class size were reduced.

So, in keeping with their avowed “support” for quality education they reversed the class size mandate rather than find any money to support the earlier law. I guess the NCGA members offer verbal support for a very good idea, but can’t bring themselves to offer financial support. I think we now know their priorities. Let’s remember that in 2018 (or perhaps 2017).

Larry Wolf