Letters to the Editor

Kelly Bodi: Senators shirking responsibility to constituents

Regarding the Feb. 20 news article “Congress members to hard to find”: Where are North Carolina’s senators? I am disappointed neither Sen. Thom Tillis nor Sen. Richard Burr is holding a town hall during the President’s Day recess.

In my opinion, choosing against a town hall is a missed opportunity. North Carolina is a purple state. I suggest that no party has a mandate to govern – Burr won by only a 5.8 percent margin (one of the 10 narrowest margins in 2016 Senate races).

Residents – myself included – have demonstrated an interest with phone calls, letters, public meetings and more. If those are the essential duties of a resident, I contend hosting a town hall falls under our senators’ essential duties.

Apart from cabinet positions and the Supreme Court, I want to discuss Tillis’ experiences on the Judiciary Committee and Burr’s plan for the Intelligence Committee. I’m ready to listen and provide feedback.

I get it; they want to avoid what could be an uncomfortable meeting. But this avoidance only fuels the feeling of unrest. Not only do I feel unheard, but I am also insulted our senators chose to shirk their responsibility. I would love to be wrong. Give me a date and time, and I will be there.

Kelly Bodi

Chapel Hill