Letters to the Editor

Donna Douglass: Burr’s legacy at stake

Sen. Richard Burr is, indeed, lost to his constituents. Thank you to Evalyn Johnson for paying for the ad in the Feb. 19 N&O (page 12A) that said what I and many others have realized over the past few weeks.

Congress is on break and it was reported Burr won’t be home but will be traveling on “congressional business.” Who knows how true this is, but his first obligation is to the people of North Carolina. He should be here and meet us in town hall meetings or in other suitable gatherings to report and discuss the disturbing reports we hear out of Washington D.C. Every day.

Why is he hiding? In case someone knows where he is, please tell him we need him to be brave enough to stand up for what’s good for the ordinary people, not just for the wealthy. We need for him to vote against his party when it is the moral thing to do. He holds the future of our children and grandchildren in his hands. His legacy has this one last chance.

Donna Douglass