Letters to the Editor

Kimberly Israel: Scheduling easier when money is involved

Regarding the Feb. 20 news article “Congress members to hard to find”: Meeting with people who disagree with you can be frustrating and tiring. If you’re a senator, it’s also part of your job.

Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis have been traveling during this recess, Burr for intelligence committee work and Tillis for immigration reform work. This is certainly legitimate, but it does mean they’ve been unavailable to meet with constituents.

So why can’t either one commit to a public meeting during the March or April recess? Tillis says it’s difficult to schedule meetings “weeks in advance,” but the tentative schedule for state work periods is available online. Even if circumstances require the dates of the recesses to change, either senator could still agree to hold a public event sometime during the spring, with the date to be determined once the state work periods are finalized.

Their refusal is especially galling since Tillis is speaking at an event in March, but one that costs $25 to attend. It’s not clear how he managed to schedule this event in advance, given the apparent difficulties of doing so.

Requests to Burr, on the other hand, seem to fall into a black hole with no updates. Neither senator is doing his job.

Kimberly Israel