Letters to the Editor

Margie Maddox: Marching and cappuccinos

Recently as I sipped my coffee, I read that Jim Jenkins has now labeled me as a part of the “Cappuccino Party” (Feb. 16 column). Personally, I like caramel lattes so much better.

Next I read that it is Michael Doran’s opinion that I should put my energies into community service rather than marching (Feb. 16 Point of View). I must confess that I do help at soup kitchens, thrift shops and even with my four-legged friends but not on days when I plan to march.

I march to say “ouch!” because I want our legislators, and the so-called president, to know I am here and standing up for my rights. Something about a picture being worth a thousand words.

Currently I am also busy collecting backbones so I can send a whole box of them to the various legislators since they cannot seem to find their own.

Now as I plan where and when my next march activities will be, I think I will just sit back and sip another cappuccino.

Margie Maddox