Letters to the Editor

W. Richard Cobb: An ominous list

Regarding the Feb. 16 Point of View “Travel ban is hurting N.C. universities”: Does anyone really believe this drivel? It’s mere conjecture built around the words “ could, uncertainty, potential, I think, argued, may ...”

My career has taken me to over 35 countries around the world but Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Iran are not on my list. There is a reason Obama identified these seven for heightened scrutiny, and now Trump has acted temporarily on it.

Evidently the writer didn’t get the memo this was to apply to refugees and not all of her implied scholars of Yemen flocking to North Carolina universities that keep our economy humming. I question if the “This land is my land, this land is your land” purists are too emotionally driven to reason or are they just naive?

Regardless, utopian political correctness shouldn’t trump measured safety.

W. Richard Cobb

Rocky Mount