Letters to the Editor

John Dupree: Entitlement a privilege

Regarding the Feb. 25 column “The national death wish”: The author’s points are well taken. The seeds of this situation were sown back in the mid-1960s with LBJ’s great society.

We the people created this problem by government welfare programs. When someone is given free housing, free food stamps, free medical care, free cell phones, etc, the need to work for a living disappears. These attitudes are reflected constantly by those who feel that the need to work and contribute are not relevant, and the entitlement system is a right not a privilege.

This current void has been filled by immigrants who are here illegally who had to work to survive. This is unlike a significant percentage of Americans who live off the government dole, and contribute nothing to the labor force.

When this country was built by immigrants, there was no safety net; only people who were looking for a better life that could only be found here. They had to work to survive, or didn’t.

So, we are probably cutting our own throats with the proposed legislation. So until we get realistic about the entitlement system, this proposed legislation will probably only make it worse.

John Dupree

New Hill