Letters to the Editor

Roxanna J. Evans: New bus shelter a piece of art

Regarding the Feb. 17 news article “Abstract bus shelter design wins Raleigh competition”: I read the “winner” chosen by the “city” of this design, while attractive, serves no purpose as a “shelter” for people waiting for the bus.

First there is a very tiny seat, and it tapers so I guess you would have to have a very small rear to sit on one end and a larger rear to sit on the other end. Its huge opening in the back and another opening to the right would permit wind, rain and snow to enter the shelter – did I say shelter?

It would have been advisable for “the city” to poll the people who actually ride and wait for the bus to see what design would actually provide them an escape from the weather.

I have been paying taxes to the city of Raleigh for almost 10 years with no bus service yet. The shelter would be perfect at the N.C. Museum of Art as an exhibition piece.

Roxanna J. Evans