Letters to the Editor

Mike Webb: Wealth affects trial outcomes

Regarding the Feb. 24 news article “As Peterson resolves case, much has changed”: I can’t agree more that there are serious flaws in this nation’s judicial system. Every trial depends on the multitude of professionals, be they competent, biased, corrupt, honest, who contribute to the process of determining who is and who isn’t guilty of breaking the law. This includes the lawyers who argue for their client – the defendant or the government.

It is well documented that when the prosecutor goes up against a “dream team,” there is a very good chance the outcome will be one that is quite favorable to accused. No matter how damning the evidence may be.

The fact that a death sentence will never be the goal of a prosecutor in this scenario is also reason to question if justice is being meted out fairly.

As with Mike Peterson and his ability to make use of the many legal avenues available to him because of his socioeconomic status, it appears he will benefit from a plea bargain held in reserve the privileged few.

Isn’t it time we renamed the “Alford Plea” to the “Afford Plea”?

Mike Webb

Wake Forest