Letters to the Editor

Janice Nicholson: Trump speech raises hopes and doubts

After watching Trump’s speech (“Trump heralds America’s greatness”) to a joint session of Congress, I was initially relieved. The speech was such an improvement over the Inaugural Address which left me feeling despair.

But even so I wanted to accept that there is hope that our president has learned a lot from his first 40 days on the job and that he wants to unite the country. But the next morning, nagging doubts couldn’t be ignored as I reviewed my notes on the speech. He talked about breaking the cycle of violence without mentioning gun control or giving a rationale for his recent loosening of restrictions against some categories of the mentally ill purchasing weapons. I was pleased to hear our president promote clean water and clean air even though I deeply regret that his choice for head of the EPA is Scott Pruitt who wants to dismantle the agency. Although the president was proud to announce a new talk force dedicated to Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement , I kept thinking about all victims. All victims and their families deserve support, not just a small category of victims. I am truly hoping that what we saw and heard in the speech represents a change of approach to governing. But I will keep reminding myself that “actions speak louder than words.”

Janice Nicholson