Letters to the Editor

Jim Garlich: A new, undisclosed government

Regarding the Feb. 26 editorial “Trump’s angry, but empty CPAC message”: President Trump’s CPAC message was “dismantling the government structure” or what his chief strategist Steve Bannon described as: “deconstructing the administrative state.”

We are supposed to believe that they will rebuild a better government, even though they have never told us what that will be or how it will function? Should we trust them?

Here’s the analogy. Trump tells us that the home, the house we live in is “a mess, a total disaster,” and that he and Bannon, and only they, can “make it great again!” But first they must deconstruct our house, tear it down. We want to believe them, but notice that they don’t tell us what the new house will look like exactly, how long it will take, what it will cost or who will pay for it. Meanwhile, where will our family live? The only assurance we get is that “It will be beautiful. Believe me!”

Changes to our nation’s laws should be based on facts, the truth and a process that is cooperative, deliberative, and constitutional.

Jim Garlich