Letters to the Editor

Edward Steffes: Burr ‘a party hack’

Regarding the Feb. 26 Ned Barnett column “Burr forfeits his credibility to lead Russian probe”: I agree with Ned Barnett that Sen. Richard Burr is losing credibility by failing to lead the “Russian probe” in an objective and nonpartisan fashion.

As chair of the Intelligence Committee, he is in a unique position to support the investigation with courage and fairness, letting the chips fall where they may. The allegations are among the most serious ever made against an American president, that he may have won the election with the illegal assistance of a foreign power, and even worse, that his campaign may have collaborated with that foreign power to offer favored treatment in return.

Of course it isn’t easy for any politician to investigate a leader of his own party. But that’s exactly the kind of issue that distinguishes a statesman from a party hack. Burr should rise above partisanship to support an independent commission and special prosecutor to get at the truth.

Edward Steffes