Letters to the Editor

Nancy K. Jones: Charm school a good exercise

Regarding the March 17 news article, “Raleigh’s Charm School for girls draws criticism”: Kudos to Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown for her handling of the criticism of the Raleigh Police Department’s Charm School. Her tactful and diplomatic solution to complaints of sexism is to have the girls who are in this program participate in a leadership exercise to identify what the new title will be.

Her wisdom is just another example of the daily grace and dignity with she handles the duties of her position as Raleigh’s top cop.

Those who were quoted as being “hot under the collar” because “boys are allowed to be sweaty but girls aren’t” cause me to suggest that all critics of this program get a dictionary. Look up “hygiene,” “healthy” and “health.” Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines hygiene as “a science of the establishment and maintenance of health/conditions or practices conducive to health.” “Health” is defined as “the condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit.” “Healthy” is defined as “enjoying health and vigor of body, mind or spirit.”

Let us all be well and grateful that wiser minds are prevailing in this issue. Politically correct rhetoric is not the answer here.

Nancy K. Jones