Letters to the Editor

Jay N. Strong: Moeser’s fuzzy thinking

Regarding the March 8 Point of View “On campus, a climate change”: Where was the mea culpa? Former chancellor James Moeser completely missed the point: Corruption of the purpose of the university serves no one.

First, the faculty and administration, not the people in Raleigh, failed the university in the sports scandal

Second, Tom Ross is retiring at 65, the same age his predecessors retired and with a nice state pension. It is not a job for life. As a politically appointed administrator of a state-owned enterprise, his role in academic freedom is tenuous at best.

Finally, closing academic centers that dabble in political action is the best way to protect academic freedom. Political advocacy belongs in the public square, not in the classroom where it too often is used to stifle inquiry and freedom of speech, thought and assembly (see speakers denied access to UNC campuses by campus organizations).

It is ironic that Moeser presided over UNC-CH when the most grotesque violations of academic integrity occurred. Conflating values of academic freedom with corruption, an administrator’s job security and slanted advocacy is fuzzy thinking at best.

Let us recall Frank Porter Graham was most concerned about racism within the university itself. After all, behind Charles Kuralt’s waxing eloquence was a lovely but racially discriminating campus.

Jay N. Strong

Chapel Hill