Letters to the Editor

Christina Stableford: Investigative journalists still needed

Investigative journalists still needed

This letter is to thank The News & Observer and the N.C. Museum of History for organizing and hosting the conversation between James Hamilton and Pat Stith, which focused on Hamilton’s recently-released book, “Democracy’s Detectives.”

The packed auditorium at the history museum was a clear indication that many people value the kind of in-depth investigative reporting that Stith has delivered so effectively throughout his career, and that his former colleagues continue to produce despite decreasing publication budgets.

Both of the lead participants in the forum were intelligent, informed, enlightening and simply enjoyable to experience.

In these days of hyper-partisanship, we need more of this kind of noncombative civil discourse. We also need more committed, values-driven investigative journalists to continue speaking well-substantiated truth to power. Hamilton’s book provides a sound financial argument for society to support this important work. Thanks for bringing it to the fore.

Christina Stableford