Letters to the Editor

Selling parents’ belongings an act of love that helps others

Regarding the May 14 From the Editor article “How my mom’s furniture helped give a family a new life in America”: This article was an inspiration and help to anyone who has experienced the agony of dealing with parents’ homes and belongings when they are no longer able to live alone.

Not only was it difficult to see items with so many memories leave the place parents have occupied for years, but also knowing that these things were a part of the life and love of parents brings out deep emotions.

I found comfort in auctioning my mother’s belongings when I realized that many of her friends and their children and even their grandchildren were buying these items and would give them another loving home. That experience led me in retirement to become an auctioneer and specialize in personal property and estates.

Once families realize that prized possessions of their parents will become someone else’s prizes and be loved, it relieves part of the sting of carrying out these responsibilities. Selling mom and dad’s things can be an act of love.

Buck Lattimore


Budget cuts affect children

Regarding the May 17 news article “Berger defends 3 a.m. budget changes that cut education in Democrats’ districts”: Perhaps the North Carolina Senate thought people were too absorbed with news of the White House and Congress to be aware that it voted to cut funding for educational programs in counties represented by Democrats.

Let that sink in.

Senate leader Phil Berger and other Republicans were so petty that they voted to hurt children. Both parties have to stop playing games and remember they represent the people of North Carolina.

The next election can’t come soon enough.

Rita Fleck


Senate’s action ‘despicable’

Regarding the May 16 editorial “Sandbox for GOP?”: North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger showed himself to be unfit to lead the Senate by causing , or even allowing, outrageous retaliation by cutting funding for educational programs in counties represented by Democrats. “Given the power they possess, Republicans don’t need to engage in this kind of behavior,” the article stated.

The May 14 Under the Dome article “ Senate GOP strips education funding from Democrats’ districts” stated that the GOP targeted seven Democratic counties.

I am angry and disgusted by this immature, retaliatory behavior. This is bullying, not leadership. Despicable.

Gailya Paliga


Probe could benefit Burr

Regarding the May 11 news article “Burr probe recalls shades of Ervin”: It could be to great political advantage for Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., if he were to pursue President Donald Trump as thoroughly as the late U.S. Sen. Sam Ervin did President Richard Nixon.

It’s a win-win for Burr. He now has the opportunity to become a national hero.

Stu Solomon

Chapel Hill

Volkswagen deal disappointing

Regarding the May 12 news article “Senate plan would slice environmental regulators:” Giving the North Carolina General Assembly control over how the administration would spend an expected $92 million as the state’s share of the Volkswagen settlement meant to reduce diesel nitrogen oxide emissions? Would we allow children to have a whole box of candy? No – no.

Karen Wiebe