Letters to the Editor

Dialogue between US, North Korea needed to resolve growing tension

Regarding the May 15 news article “North Korea test-fires ballistic missile”: This appeared to be a confrontation between two sides wanting to show the other how powerful they were. Since the Korean War armistice in 1953, successive U.S. government administrations have let their conflict with North Korea fester without a peace settlement. Now, 64 years later, North Korea has developed nuclear weapons and is developing ballistic missiles that could be armed with those weapons. It said its nuclear program will continue unless the United States abandoned its hostile policy. The new president in South Korea, Moon Jae-in, wants a dialogue with North Korea. This is an opportune time for the U.S. government to step back from the war games, end threats of military action against the North and encourage talks between the North and South. This could lead to a lessening of tensions, liberalization in North Korea and eventually a peace agreement between the U.S. and North Korea.

Joe Burton


Trump ‘whined’ at commencement

Regarding the May 17 news article “The Latest: Trump decries unfair treatment by media”: In his address to U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates, President Donald Trump whined that “no other politician has been treated more unfairly by the media.” The way I see it, no President has acted as abominably as Trump. The word “truth” is not in his vocabulary; neither are words like “diplomacy” and “tact.” Maybe now he knows how those he attacked during his campaign felt when he demeaned them.

Georgie F Brizendine


Trump’s ‘inferiority’

Regarding the May 17 news article “The Latest: Trump decries unfair treatment by media”: On May 17, President Donald Trump spoke at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduation. Once again, instead of focusing on giving advice to the new graduates, he whined about how he has been treated so unfairly by the media. This type of insecurity is a classic inferiority complex symptom. However, I do not think he has an inferiority complex. He is simply massively inferior.

Dan DiPerna


Trump’s ‘unfair treatment’ questioned

Regarding the May 17 news article “The Latest: Trump decries unfair treatment by media”: So the President is upset because no politician has ever been treated as badly by the media. It may feel that way because no president has been this bad so early in the presidency. Unfortunately, the President used graduation exercises to air his woes. Graduation should be about the accomplishments of the graduates, not about him. What a novel idea. On top of that, he used the U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement when he is cutting the U.S. Coast Guard budget. Shameful.

David Markle