Letters to the Editor

5/29: On Memorial Day, remember those who made ‘the ultimate sacrifice’

Regarding Jim Jenkins’ May 25 opinion column “Names in stone – and in memory”: Today we remember. The memories of lives taken away too young. All over America and in countless resting places in every corner of the world, Americans are buried for the ultimate sacrifice that they made for their country.

Lives were cut short as the first shots were fired at Bunker Hill. Soldiers died for their cause for three bloody days at Gettysburg. Dreams were dashed at both Chateau-Thierry and Normandy. They fell at Iwo Jima, Korea, in the rice paddies of Vietnam, the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. An evolving American story about how freedom is not free. They all left a debt that nobody in any generation can ever repay. All of those gone who left in the dawn of their lives are remembered today.

Kirk Polizzi


Koreas need dialogue

Regarding the May 17 news article “South Korea, U.S. outline approach to North Korea”: South Koreans elected their new president, Moon Jae-in, mainly on his promise to resolve the North Korea nuclear crisis through dialogue. Understandably, they were confused by Donald Trump’s initial military posturing and then his diplomatic overtures toward North Korea’s president Kim Jong-un.

On the one hand, South Korea needs U.S. military support, but on the other, it needs to have good relations with its largest trading partner, China. In order to prevent a war on the Korean peninsula between the competing interests of the U.S., North Korea, and China, President Moon is expected to introduce a policy that would involve reopening dialogue with the North, humanitarian aid and joint economic projects. President Moon seems to be trying to prevent another devastating war between the Koreas. This is indeed a balancing act. But what is the alternative? Another war would only kill millions and resolve nothing.

Kurt Becker


‘Sick and tired’ of SNAP cuts

Regarding the May 18 news article “133,000 people would lose food stamps in Senate plan”: I am sick and tired of the shenanigans imposed by the GOP on this state. As a former Director of Social Services in a rural county, I knew firsthand people who needed food stamp assistance. Without this assistance, families would go hungry.

Republican N.C. Sen. Ralph Hise needs to be called out for his misinterpretation of the “loophole that ballooned under the Obama Administration.” When will this madness end? Attacking programs that help people who need assistance is despicable. The NC GOP continues to push people further down the ladder.

Doesn’t Sen. Hise have any idea how much the average person in NC receives for food stamps? Could he establish a budget for one month on an average food stamp voucher? Talk is cheap. This action is deplorable.

Jerome Brown

Chair, Wake County Voter Education Coalition