Letters to the Editor

Don Francisco: The senior citizen tax pinch

Regarding the March 12 news article “Senior tax surprise rattles House”: If the Republican House members really are surprised by the outcry of seniors about increased North Carolina taxes, they are as dumb as they think the voters are.

Anyone knows that senior citizens have higher medical expenses than younger people. Of course, the elimination of the medical deduction disproportionately has hurt old people!

We are senior citizens paying more than three times the North Carolina taxes this year as compared with last year with essentially the same income and no health issues. This is because we have very expensive continuing-care insurance to assure that we will never have to use welfare. Do the Republicans want people who have always paid their bills to end life on Medicaid?

It should be no surprise that the state income shortfall is decreasing. The Republicans in the General Assembly have been saying this for at least six months. They knew that everyone making less than $200,000 and senior citizens were going to owe North Carolina taxes this year rather than get refunds. They expected a larger than usual increase in income because people owed more than had been withheld.

Don Francisco