Letters to the Editor

8/15 Letters: ‘Garbage juice’ bill ‘illogical and unethical’

Regarding “NC poised to test what critics call a ‘snowblower blowing garbage juice ” (Aug. 12): We at the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) would like to applaud Gov. Roy Cooper on his veto of HB 576. Little is known of the potential effects of spraying leachate, or “garbage juice,” into the air. We do know, however, that leachate contains harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins that are calamitous to human populations. This is an illogical bill that would force the Department of Environmental Quality to allow the use of this mechanism at municipal landfills without study, research or permit.

We at NCEJN serve the interests of environmental justice communities in North Carolina, several of whom are located around landfills, toxic waste sites and coal ash dumps. Spraying this potentially harmful material that could drift over nearby homes, businesses, schools and churches is not only nonsensical, it’s totally unethical. We strongly urge our elected officials to require further research before approving of any technology that could be detrimental to public health and the environment. We implore North Carolina senators and representatives to vote against any attempt to override the governor’s veto. This is a dangerous material and our communities ought to come first.

NC Environmental Justice Network

Rocky Mount

GOP ‘sheep’

Regarding “Tillis and Burr duck the public on health care debate” (July 21): Once again, Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis have demonstrated very clearly that they have no concern nor do they care about the constituents who elected them to the office they hold. By voting to repeal the ACA, they have shown North Carolinians that they are like sheep, following their leader Mitch McConnell, and put party above the welfare of the voters.

Sen. Burr said he wasn’t worried about not knowing what kind of changes were coming up in the Senate vote. Burr was quoted as saying, “It doesn’t concern me. As I said, I will vote for anything.” That sums up the attitude of the Republican Congress regarding the health care bill. They are not affected by this bill, so they have no concern for those who do not have access to the golden coverage they enjoy – at the people’s expense.

Interestingly, the most courage in all of this was shown by Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowsky, two very brave women. Yet they have been threatened with reprisal by Trump’s minions. Thanks to those senators and also to Sen. John McCain, Obamacare is still in place and millions of Americans continue to have health care. But no thanks to the GOP sheep.

Georgie F. Brizendine