Letters to the Editor

Dierdre Mack: Conservative laws don’t lure businesses

Regarding the March 31 news article “N.C. to debate religion bill”: The well-justified protests over the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act should give our own right-wing Republican legislators pause.

I have long thought that states with conservative laws including punitive voting rights laws, abortion limits that denigrate women and their right to make medical choices without state interference, racial and LGBT discrimination are pursuing only their own narrow view without considering that businesses are national and global.

The governor wants millions to lure business like Volvo here. Considering that Sweden is a social democracy and would likely find such a restrictive, religious atmosphere nonconducive to its employees has to be a factor.

Most businesses – medical, legal and professional – are also composed of young people who find these restrictions both laughable and not in line with their social beliefs.

So keep it up North Carolina, but check in with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence first and see how his bottom line is doing.

Deirdre Mack