Letters to the Editor

Marvin Woll: Lee County deserves better

In regard to the March 17 news article “Lee County awaits wildcatters”: We cannot help but feel concern for the good residents of Lee County who are now facing a double threat.

First, there is the possibility of fracking there. With the storage of toxic water in retention ponds, all it would take would be one strong storm to spill that water into their ground water, streams and lakes. Then there will be the hundreds of trucks hauling water into and out of the county to facilitate the drilling process.

Second, the county faces the potential of having toxic coal ash stored in its abandoned mines. Unless those mines are lined, water and ash can seep into the groundwater and further pollute their wells and other drinking water supplies. Despite what some may say, this coal ash contains arsenic and many other toxic chemicals that will cause cancer and many other illnesses. Again, hundreds upon hundreds of trucks will be hauling this coal ash into Lee County.

With all these fracking and coal ash trucks on the Lee County roads, there will be more danger to the drivers in that county. Why should Lee County be the dumping ground and drilling ground for all of North Carolina? It shouldn’t. Let’s stop the fracking and find a better way to deal with the coal ash problem.

Marvin Woll