Letters to the Editor

Tom Hauck: Grades improved Florida schools

Your April 3 editorial “System flunks” again talked of protecting paid educators by hiding the overall quality of failing schools rather than protecting the students who are condemned to attend those D and F schools.

Your editorials seem to accept a normal connection between D and F schools and D and F grades for poor and minority children and see no reason to label the schools.

If professional educators do not want to accept the responsibility of teaching poor children, let someone start a charter school or give children $4,200 scholarships to attend a school that will teach them.

Upon election in 1999, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush started many education reforms including labeling Florida public schools with letter grades, and those schools improved because parents of the children forced to attend D and F schools demanded improvements and the education establishment complied. Florida students now do better than the average in many states.

Tom Hauck