Letters to the Editor

10/11 Letters: A no to GOP attempt at judicial redistricting

Regarding “Judges to NC lawmakers: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix us.’ ” (Sept. 29): It is absolutely vital that the judiciary of North Carolina remain independent and nonpartisan. With the intense gerrymandering of voting districts by the GOP and with the General Assembly doing everything possible to adjust, re-work, review, eliminate and slant all aspects of our government to give Republicans an overwhelmingly unfair advantage, the judiciary is our only hope of having fair elections and no “banana republic.”

Valorie Jones


Kneeling ‘appropriate’

Regarding “President’s criticisms spark more protests” (Sept. 25): As an Episcopal minister for five decades. I personally find the controversy over athletes “taking a knee” during the National Anthem very confusing. At the most solemn moments of worship, standing at the altar before and after receiving communion and confessing my sins and shortcomings, I always “take a knee,” which is called “genuflection” in religious parlance. Of course there are also times during the service when I stand to affirm my unity with those who share my convictions.

It seems to me altogether appropriate to kneel (“take a kneel”) in pleading for greater justice and more equality in our country. I may decide to join this bodily gesture during the national anthem in my own pleas for our country on occasion. Of course, people who believe that the United States is completely perfect without any need for improvement would never need to kneel or plead for “a more perfect union.” Because I believe that we are still striving to attain that more perfect union, it seems to me highly appropriate to kneel or stand as I am moved to do given the circumstance of our nation at that moment.

John M. Keith


Socialism to blame?

Regarding “Trump threatens Venezuela and puts Cuba on notice” (Sept. 19): Trump’s best line at the U.N. was, “The problem with socialism in Venezuela is not that it has been poorly implemented, but that it has faithfully implemented.” In 1989, the USSR financially crashed, taking its client state Cuba along with it, bringing misery to both populations. In recent years Greece has collapsed. Closer to home, Detroit and Puerto Rico are bankrupt. Many states such as Illinois and New Jersey are on the way.

The poster child for socialism is Venezuela. This nation has failed by self-inflicted wounds despite having the world’s largest oil reserves. There is free health care, free education, a monthly food payment and gasoline that was 15 cents a gallon. Everything is free, but nothing is available. Socialism there has created a perfect storm of food, medicine and power shortages along with devastating hyperinflation. There will come a day when the U.S. financially collapses.

Andy Maholick