Letters to the Editor

10/17 Letters: Contraception is one of “world’s great inventions”

Contraception allows women to thrive” (Oct. 14) focused on the many current benefits of widely-available contraception. In addition to its current benefits, contraception has significant long-term benefits. It is clear that our ever-increasing population is severely stressing the planet, and contraception is an easy and inexpensive means of lessening that stress.

Though it is not currently recognized as such, contraception is one of the world’s great inventions. Future generations will come to view it as being as important to mankind’s survival and progress as were steam power, electricity, antibiotics or the computer, and today’s contraception opponents will be viewed negatively just as those who opposed earlier inventions are. Unfortunately, progress in making contraception universally available is being reversed by our current political leadership – leaders with their heads in the sand.

Thomas McKee


NC votes ‘no’

Nine of North Carolina’s 10 Republican members of Congress voted against disaster relief for Puerto Rico, handily making our state the one casting the most no votes for coming to the aid of fellow citizens in need of basic necessities like electric power, food, clean water and medicine.

While such a vote was expected from the likes of Reps. Meadows and Foxx, they were even joined in this display of conceit by Reps. Holding, Budd and Hudson. For a state that’s recently seen destruction from Fran, Floyd and Matthew, and is affected by up to half a dozen tropical storms and hurricanes each year, that’s a remarkable level of indifference and contempt exhibited by our Republican delegation.

Leo Sadovy

Wake Forest

Not ‘living free’

Regarding “Congress won’t act on guns if NRA isn’t on board” (Oct. 6): Why do we keep trying to predict in advance who will snap? Obviously, we cannot. The only way to tell who shouldn’t have a gun is to give everyone a gun and see who uses it. The one thing we do know is that if these killers didn’t have guns designed to kill the maximum number of people in the minimum amount of time, they would not be using them to commit mass murder.

Why do we have to accept mass murder as an inevitable cost of freedom? Are we really living free when we cannot go out in public without being searched, when road rage turns into shootouts, when we live in fear because in nearly every public place someone with a fragile ego is carrying a gun and thinks using it is an option? This has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment – if the NRA weren’t paying millions to purchase spineless lawmakers, none of them would think the 2nd Amendment guarantees rights to weapons that are absolutely useless for either hunting or personal protection, and they would extend to the rest of us the same protections against gun-toting cowards that they grant themselves.

Kim Wilson

Wake Forest