Letters to the Editor

10/19 Letters: Remember “the Second Amendment protects the First”

Regarding “As GOP blinks, liberals urge Dems to demand more aggressive gun measures” (Oct. 5): During the latest gun control frenzy, it became apparent that many people do not understand the purpose of the Second Amendment of our Constitution. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, sport shootingor even self-defense. The purpose and importance of the Second Amendment can be simply illustrated by the phrase “the Second protects the First.”

The First Amendment, by the simple stroke of a pen, gave the people of this new nation unprecedented and unparalleled freedoms. However, our founding fathers realized that, with the same simple stroke of a pen, those freedoms could be taken away. History had shown, and still does show, that to subjugate a population, a government first had to disarm them, removing their ability to resist. To prevent that, the Second Amendment was penned. It guaranteed that the people would always have both the ability and the means to resist their subjugation. Hence, “the Second protects the First.” As long as the First remains relevant, the Second remains vital.

By the way, the Second Amendment contains four words not found anywhere else in either the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, which should illustrate the importance and necessity of those words. They are: “ ... shall not be abridged.”

Dale Johnson

Rocky Mount

Father ‘frightened’

Regarding “Many states, consumers alarmed by Trump’s health care order” (Oct. 13): A little more than a year ago, my wife died. This left me with the sole responsibility of raising a 15-year-old girl. It goes without question that she is the joy of my life. I want the best for her. However, she can’t maximize her full potential without good health. That’s why I’m so disturbed by President Trump’s effort to unravel an already dysfunctional health care system. His decision to abruptly cut off federal payments to insurers will cause premiums to rise even for those like me who have insurance without subsidies.

The other day, I received notification that my insurance would go up an additional $100. This means I would be paying over $600 a month for insurance. As a single father who is responsible for maintaining the household, it’s incomprehensible that health insurance for my child and I can’t be affordable without causing me the mental strain of finding adequate insurance when a provider becomes too expensive.

It has always been my intention to be a responsible citizen and take care of myself and my child. But in relationship to health care, I firmly believe that the government and the private sector must be our partners and not disrupters. Although President Trump says his executive order will provide quality health care to millions of Americans, I fear that the slight gains we have made under Obamacare will disappear. That frightens this father.

Terence K. Leathers