Letters to the Editor

10/20 Letters: Amid health care uncertainty, insurance rates increase

My husband and I pay for our family’s Blue Cross & Blue Shield health insurance ourselves. He is self-employed and neither of us are covered by another employer. We just got our BCBSNC rate increase letter this week. Our monthly rate is tripling.

This is not right. We have never made any major claims on our policy. Now we’re being penalized. What Trump is doing is wrong. I’d rather drop insurance and pay for medical expenses out-of-pocket now, but the possibility of something major and unforeseeable happening is always there. This is ridiculous.

Ann Whitehurst


‘Clean up’ UNC

Regarding “Universities should be more than their athletics programs” (Oct. 18): As a UNC fan and supporter, I am glad that the NCAA investigation is over. As a UNC fan and supporter, I am disappointed in the results and appalled at the attitude of some of the students and athletic department people interviewed. They seem to feel that they have been vindicated by the results.

The fact they the NCAA “could not conclude” any wrongdoing under its rules doesn’t mean it never happened. The hundreds of thousands dollars (not public money they claim) spent on attorneys and PR is obscene. I for one will not contribute any more money to UNC until I am convinced the university has cleaned up this problem. I also realize my contributions were a microscopic drop in the bucket compared to the millions that are donated, but this is my way of protesting.

The article by Russell Philbrick should be read by all university chancellors. Let’s stop being farm clubs for the NFL and NBA and go back to having student-athletes. Unless an athlete commits to getting a degree, let’s not recruit them. Use the money instead for someone who wants an education.

Bob LeBowsky


‘Righteous and wrong’?

In “After Las Vegas, liberals are righteous and wrong” (Oct. 11), J. Peder Zane states there is no gun show loophole, but gun show sales between private individuals require no background check. Hence a loophole exists. He implies money has not driven gun politics legislation, but the NRA and gun manufacturers would not spend millions annually to lobby Congress if it were not in their interest. Zane states criticism of legislators’ “thoughts and prayers” diminishes faith-based values. When actions or inactions do nothing to mitigate the carnage of assault weapons in inappropriate hands, there is a dichotomy of words, thoughts and behavior. The criticism is not prayers but legislative behavior.

Lastly, per Zane, the “left” has transformed shooter Paddock into a representative of all white men – is that hyperbole or paranoia? For the record, I am an older white male, owner of guns, and a supporter of the Second Amendment, though not as interpreted by the NRA. Perhaps, then, I am one of Zane’s “righteous and wrong” dastardly liberal people he so often chastises.

Larry Swenberg

Chapel Hill