Letters to the Editor

David A. Sneed: Support JEA for fisheries

Regarding the March 30 Point of View “N.C. fisheries need funds, enforcement”: I congratulate Tim Gestwicki and the N.C. Wildlife Federation for their support of a Joint Enforcement Agreement for North Carolina. I hope the support from this statewide conservation group will give the governor the voice he needs to hear to go forward with the authorization of the JEA.

The Coastal Conservation Association has long supported the benefits to our state’s coastal marine resources from the participation of North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries in a JEA. The intent would be better law enforcement through the deputization of N.C. Marine Patrol officers with the authority to enforce federal marine resource laws.

Simply put, better enforcement will mean better protection for North Carolina’s marine resources. What law-abiding resident would oppose better protection of our state’s public trust resources?

Supporting tougher law enforcement within our state waters is also an opportunity for our governor to take a leadership role in protecting and preserving our state’s precious coastal marine resources – a message that would be welcomed by the hundreds of thousands of recreational fishermen and others who support the protection of this public trust resource.

David A. Sneed

Executive director, Coastal Conservation Association North Carolina