Letters to the Editor

Michael Roush: Road to ‘straights only’

In the April 5 letter “Liberty dying,” the writer lamented that, “Liberty has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s culture. One is no longer allowed to have an opinion that does not meet the ‘litmus’ test of whatever group our media has put the spotlight on and classified as disenfranchised.”

One is no longer allowed to have an opinion. Really? Apparently, all I have heard on radio and TV and read in newspapers, magazines and blogs (the media) supporting “religious liberty” in the current debate is an illusion. But the real issue is not about the media or about perceived litmus tests.

As Gene Nichol wrote in his April 5 letter “The limits of religious liberty,” the debate is whether some people, because of their sincerely held religious beliefs, are entitled to a special exemption “from admittedly constitutional rules of general application.” In this case, the exemption being sought is from the impermissibility of discriminating against a person because of sexual orientation.

In other words, should a person be given the legal right to post a sign in the window of his or her business that reads “straights only”?

Michael Roush

Wake Forest