Letters to the Editor

Gail Chandler: Closure and a bracelet for fallen Vietnam vet

I read the April 12 news article “Family greets return of fallen soldier” that told the story of a U.S. soldier who had been missing since his helicopter was shot down during the Vietnam War. The article explained that the soldier’s remains were recently found and returned to his family and recently were buried in Belmont.

I was halfway through the article when it dawned on me that the subject of the article, Specialist Bunyan Price Jr., was the same person whose name was on the POW bracelet I wore in high school. Reading the rest of the article gave me chills.

I am so happy that Bunyan’s body has been properly laid to rest and plan to contact the family to see if they are interested in the bracelet I have kept for nearly 45 years.

Gail Chandler