Letters to the Editor

Ron Margiotta: A hefty school budget proposal

Regarding the April 8 news article “Wake schools leader seeks 14% budget increase”: Our Wake County Public Schools System superintendent has proposed a budget with a 14 percent increase to the county taxpayers.

As expected The N&O is on board as there has never been a tax increase that it has not supported (“Time to stand,” April 10 editorial). Its editorial pages are already pressuring the county commissioner chair to support this “outrageous” budget request, and in addition its sports writers are pointing out the needs to support this spending request. The pressure will continue from The N&O and also from the school systems cheerleaders Wake Ed Partnership.

If the superintendent truly believes in this “outrageous” 14 percent increase, then we have a real problem with our superintendent. There is no question that teachers are in need of a salary increase, and extra compensation positions comprised of coaches, band directors, etc., are long overdue for increases.

However, this superintendent has not taken a good look at the bureaucracy of our large public school system. How many of us taxpayers can increase our personal budgets by 14 percent?

Ron Margiotta


The writer, a member of the Wake County school board from 2003 to 2011, was chairman from 2009 to 2011.