Letters to the Editor

GOP’s abortion ‘problem’

Regarding Lisa Levenstein’s April 8 Point of View “A GOP attack on health choices”: None of the legislators sponsoring House Bill 465 has any medical knowledge, training or licensure that would qualify any to be “practicing medicine without a license.”

Rep. Pat McElraft’s contention that the current medically unethical “24-hour waiting period” has prevented “2,500 abortions” annually is difficult to believe because no licensed facility or state agency records, reports or “tracks” this statistic.

Claiming to be promoting or ensuring “competent care” and women’s health and safety and simultaneously severely restricting abortion services and physician training at UNC-CH and ECU is both hypocritical and oxymoronic.

Fifty percent of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended. Over 60 percent of pregnancies in teenaged, unmarried or low-income women are unintended, and 38 percent of births result from unintended pregnancies. These births make up 50 percent of publicly funded (taxpayer-funded!) births. These births from unintended pregnancies cost taxpayers over $11 billion per year for pregnancy and newborn care primarily through Medicaid and CHIP programs. This data was reported in 2011 from separate studies by the Guttmacher Institute and the Brookings Institution.

To quote our governor: “What problem are we trying to solve?” The “problem” to be “solved” is their problem with abortion!

John Baker, M.D.