Letters to the Editor

Bill would hurt med schools

Regarding Lisa Levenstein’s April 8 Point of View “A GOP attack on health choices”: As a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist in North Carolina and a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, I am grateful to Levenstein for highlighting the harmful effects House Bill 465 would have on the health and well being of women and families in our state.

This proposed legislation would severely restrict the ability of a North Carolina woman with a complicated or dangerous pregnancy to receive the hospital-based abortion care she needs.

Moreover, this bill would limit how our excellent state medical schools and residency programs – at UNC and ECU – can educate their students and residents by prohibiting the teaching of abortion care. This gap in education will threaten the prestige of these institutions and limit their ability to attract the best students and doctors. About half of these doctors stay in our state after their training, so the women and families of North Carolina will suffer.

We deserve the best-trained doctors, including those who can provide care for an unintended or complicated pregnancy. The legislature should reject this bill because it undermines medical education and will severely impact patient care across our state.

Jessica E. Morse, M.D.