Letters to the Editor

Carolyn E. Bunting: Teachers being boxed in

I read with interest the April 7 Point of View “Why I quit teaching in N.C.” by Deanna Lyles detailing her reasons for leaving the North Carolina classroom after 23 years. Ironically, there were no complaints about students, no criticism of parents and no mention of teacher salaries.

Instead, she focused on the usurping of her authority as a teacher by leaders outside the classroom. Lyles, a nationally certified teacher, speaks to the problems micromanagement creates for teachers wherever they may be. Simply put, micromanagement results in so much being decided for teachers, they have little room to place their own mark on teaching. Teachers are now face to face with new realities about what they will teach in what manner and on what timetable.

Some may be wondering whether the good mind going to waste in their classrooms is their own. The narrowly drawn boundaries North Carolina teachers function within deprive good teachers, like Lyles, of what they most need: room for individuality, creativity, choice and personal initiative.

When talented, well-motivated teachers find themselves better rewarded for giving feet to the ideas of others than for developing ideas of their own, they usually find it’s time to move on. Those who don’t often pay a high personal price as Lyles has determined.

Carolyn E. Bunting