Letters to the Editor

Thomas Kline: Privatize VA care

Regarding the April 11 news article “Tillis: VA needs to do ‘better job’”: Sen. Thom Tillis appeared to support socialized medicine – odd.

The long waits to receive Veterans Affairs government health care at the VA hospital sounds like views (incorrect) mouthed about Canadian “socialized medicine” and its “long waits.” Truth be told, the waits are real at the VA and not in Canada.

Perhaps Tillis needs to stop supporting socialized medicine and go ahead and privatize by giving the vets medicare or tricare health insurance and let our brave vets go to the marketplace with private, free-choice care.

In my 40-year experience in medicine, I have found the VA has never worked. Close it and use the wasted money to buy free choice insurance cards.

Saying the VA “must do better” is ludicrous junior politician speak and won’t fix this permanently flawed socialized medical care.

Thomas Kline