Letters to the Editor

Gary L. Johnson: Immature leadership in N.C.

The GOP-controlled North Carolina legislature acts more like an immature high school student council than adults, and its lust for power has fostered an inability to think through the consequences of its actions.

Cuts to education drove many teachers away or out of the profession altogether. Teacher pay raises came only because the legislators were shamed into doing so. The so-called tax reform gave cuts to the wealthy and raised taxes for many seniors and the middle class. Elimination of the medical expenses tax exemption was especially hurtful to seniors and others on limited or fixed incomes. Here again, they have been shamed into trying to correct the problem for seniors, but they haven’t said anything about others who have large medical expenses, including people with debilitating illnesses.

Now, the GOP wants to redistribute sales tax revenue from large municipalities to rural communities. Since the GOP has already taken away other revenue sources for municipalities (e.g., licenses, permits), what will these municipalities do? Will they raise property taxes to make up the revenue losses?

When will this end? It is time for the GOP legislators to grow up. North Carolina needs adult leadership.

Gary L. Johnson