Letters to the Editor

Chelsea Barnes: Better access to solar

Contrary to what the April 13 editorial “Solar reflections” suggested, having third-party-owned systems installed on North Carolina homes will not keep Duke Energy from “getting the power back on should an ice storm turn the lights out and the heat off.”

In fact, customer-sited generation systems are proven to improve grid stability and reliability. The processes and technologies that allow a consumer to install a panel and connect to the grid have been in use for decades and guarantee grid stability and safety for consumers.

To suggest otherwise is a scare tactic, ignoring existing laws and technological innovations proven to work for North Carolina.

North Carolina consumers can already install solar panels on their own homes. The results: cleaner air, low electricity prices and economic growth – not power outages.

The Energy Freedom Act would not change how a consumer connects his or her solar panels to the utility grid; it would simply make it cheaper for consumers to do so.

Duke Energy may be scared of a little competition, but North Carolinians deserve easier access to solar. Our elected officials should be helping constituents save money, not upholding Duke Energy’s monopoly.

Chelsea Barnes