Letters to the Editor

Edward Link: GOP tax spin job

Regarding the April 16 Under the Dome item “Survey: Most believe state taxes went up”: Sen. Phil Berger and other legislators have simply misled residents, particularly older residents.

My elderly father-in-law’s income taxes are reduced due to his high medical costs so normally we would not have to make 2014 North Carolina quarterly tax deposits. With supposed 2014 tax reductions widely publicized, we certainly didn’t expect his North Carolina income taxes to be increased. But in fact the “tax reduction” greatly increased them, and then that resulted in a penalty for underpayment of quarterly tax deposits.

I don’t object if income tax increases are justified to pay for adequate services for North Carolina residents and are reasonably explained. But I do object to false advertising by our legislators.

Our legislators also increased sales taxes in 2014; look at the taxes now included on both our monthly electric and gas bills and on expenses such as admissions to movies and other entertainment events. We are paying increased taxes every day that we may not readily see.

Sales tax increases quietly shift the relative tax burden from higher-income to lower-income residents, another longtime goal of Republican lawmakers under the guise of “fairness.”

Edward Link