Letters to the Editor

1/5 Letters: There’s more to Jordan Lake issues than chemicals

Regarding “It’s time for state to fix Jordan Lake” (Jan. 3): A second Jordan Lake problem needs study – the water level is far below normal and large areas are dry. It’s possible that the dry lake areas are caused, in part, by increased water retention in surrounding wetlands. From Fearrington Road you can see widened shoreline and new land bridges.

The dry areas are far greater than in recent droughts. If you can compare aerial photos of the lake from previous years with current photos, it should be clear that the water level is very low. Photos may also show that wetland areas are expanding. Wetlands surrounding the lake are holding more water than in the past, and while wetlands are an environmental “plus,” it’s possible they are contributing to the lake’s problems.

It’s my understanding the Army Corps of Engineers is not clearing the wetland entrances into the lake and they have filled them with silt. It appears that more of the wetlands’ water needs to be allowed to drain into the lake to restore the lake’s water levels to normal. Thanks for continuing to monitor the questions surrounding water quality in Jordan Lake.

Mary Ann Anderson

Chapel Hill

Wishful headlines

Picking up on the headlines theme from “Maybe...” (Jan. 2), these are a few things I’d like to see happen in 2018, but are unlikely:

Lois Lerner is prosecuted for IRS tricks.

Eric Holder is prosecuted for Fast and Furious.

Gene Nichol quits wanting to spend other people’s money.

Colleges hire conservative professors to balance their liberal/conservative makeup.

The mainstream media treats Trump fairly.

Democrats propose to cut spending on welfare and entitlements.

All the Hollywood “stars” and others who said they would leave the country if Trump was elected leave.

Colleges quit brainwashing students to hate America.

All undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes are deported.

Vincent M. DiSandro Sr.


Stop dining ‘lunacy’

Regarding “Power 5 schools pay up for athletes’ meal options” (Dec. 26): What lunacy it is to build opulent dining halls for athletes. The piece mentions Alabama and Clemson. There are other examples as well.

$15 million for a dining facility exclusive to athletes. How utterly foolish. Just give them a meal card and let them eat at university facilities with ordinary students.

Robert Peele

Rocky Mount