Letters to the Editor

1/6 Letters: Trump is a ‘survivor’ against all odds

When I first saw the editorial cartoon of Jan. 4, I was irate. Our country is besieged by sore losers who just can’t get over the fact that a bunch of ‘deplorables’ elected a president not to their liking. It’s past time for people to get over it.

I take the cartoonist’s point. Only the cockroaches will survive nuclear war but nuclear war is not what worries me right now. Everyone’s preferred policy toward North Korea has always been polite talk and ineffective sanctions. President Trump, whether we like it or not, is not constrained by such niceties. And now look who’s talking. Why, it’s the two Koreas.

The more I thought about the cartoon, although intended for ridicule, I began to think that it might be prescient. It portrays Trump climbing out from under a rock. He too has survived. The “resistance” has continually belittled, besieged and disrespected this president but he’s still here. As the cartoon so aptly portrays it, our president is a survivor. So my advice to sore losers is to embrace the chaos, saddle up and hold on. It’s going to be one heck of a ride. Happy New Year.



GOP ‘hypocrites’

Conservatives chide Cooper over ‘corporate giveaways’” (Jan. 2) reported that North Carolina Republicans “criticize [Governor Roy] Cooper as a hypocrite for decrying cuts to business taxes as ‘corporate giveaways’ while offering incentives to select companies that move here.”Apparently those same people don’t realize their own hypocrisy in decrying business incentives as “corporate giveaways” while offering their own corporate welfare in the form of tax giveaways to already prosperous corporations.

The piece also reported that Americans for Prosperity, a Koch Brothers mouthpiece, says that “Corporate welfare is taxpayer money being given to rich businesses, which takes away from people who are struggling to make it.”

These are the same folks cheering for the Trump and Republican tax cut, which is corporate welfare in the form of taxpayer money being given to rich businesses, which takes away from people who are struggling to make it. Moreover, these same people cheered loudly whenever former Republican Governor McCrory announced new jobs while doling out huge incentives.

Brent Miller