Letters to the Editor

1/8 Letters: Cardinal Innovations didn’t give developmentally disabled kids the help they need

Regarding “How NC failed to monitor agency’s use of public funds” (Dec. 18): Many of my “autism mom” friends in Orange County have vented with me about the budget abuses at the mental health care provider Cardinal Innovations. We’ve talked about protesting with signs in front of the Cardinal Innovations building in Concord when we first heard about the scandal.

However, the reality is, we are all busy managing our own families, our sanity and our children, teens and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Some days our kids don’t make it to school due to whatever mental or physical health issue they may have. Many of us, for years and years, have sacrificed full-time jobs, hope of careers, our social lives, lots of money (autism is expensive) and personal freedoms to care for our sons and daughters.

In my own family, our son, Joe, who’s almost 16, has been on the “wait list” for state health services for almost 14 years. How sad is that? My husband, my daughter and I have been on our own taking care of moderate-severe autism with only some occasional early intervention services when he was 2 to 4 years old. And, yet science says that “intervention and therapy services” are key to children with disabilities becoming high-functioning adults.

Lately, I’ve been hearing that Cardinal Innovations is taking away support for some families, who have had state waivers for years. Our GOP lawmakers in Raleigh continue to “privatize” programs for people with disabilities and what happens? Nobody in the company is accountable and people are greedy and they take from the poor and the handicapped over and over again. Republicans preach that people with disabilities need to be supported in the community. Well, that sounds good, but you need to support the programs that support people with disabilities. You can’t just hope that it will happen.

Meanwhile, thousands of N.C. families, including ours, who need support, continue to wait. As time goes by during this most politically unstable time, our kids are becoming adults and need jobs to help support themselves, even more so now.

Laura Branan


‘Height of hypocrisy’

Regarding “Conservatives chide Cooper over ‘corporate giveaways’” (Jan. 2): I find it the height of hypocrisy for the local Republican party to accuse Gov. Roy Cooper of “corporate welfare.” What nonsense, especially since they were all for the massive tax cut just given by Republicans to corporations.

The tax cut may or may not pay off for the economy, but tax incentives on a local scale has been proven to work. I hope those so-called “Generation Opportunity” youth will get their heads out of the sand and realize that the Republican Party is not on their side, unless of course a trust fund is keeping them from having to face the difficulties that many young people face.

Lynda Creutzburg

Wake Forest