Letters to the Editor

1/14 Letters: Jordan lake must be protected

It’s time for state to fix Jordan Lake” (Jan. 3) spoke to an essential issue. A book entitled “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes” tells how these great bodies of water (20 percent of the earth’s fresh water) have been affected by many attacks from natural elements brought in from the Erie Canal and the St. Lawrence Seaway and how local citizens and scientists have struggled to restrict these enemies.

Lake Erie has annual algae blooms from agricultural chemicals on the Maumee River, similar to agriculture runoffs affecting the Haw and other streams feeding Jordan. Jordan Lake must remain pure and every stream or river that feeds it must become pure.

Cape Town, South Africa is rationing water due to the reservoirs becoming dry due to drought and the lack of pure water. The Triangle has adequate pure water. Do we like it that way?

Bill Hendrickson


Remember Merrick?

Regarding “Democrats are taking things too Farr” (Jan. 10): J. Peder Zane cries for Farr while forgetting about Merrick Garland. Garland, a justice who was very qualified, wasn’t even given a hearing.

In what amounted as a slap in the face to Obama, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to consider Garland by simply saying that the next president should make that decision. Constitutionally that decision belonged to Obama and not the fiat of McConnell. The Republicans did nothing more than to steal a seat on the Supreme Court.

More disturbing about these Trump nominees is that the greatest qualification seems to be that they be young. Lack of experience doesn’t seem to be a problem. About the dossier, this research was originally requested by a conservative news outlet. Zane calls the research scurrilous. The agent who put the dossier together was highly thought of within the FBI. This man was disturbed by his findings and reported it to the FBI. His concern was that he believed the Russians had compromised someone in the Trump campaign. He wasn’t even an American but he knew to report it to the FBI.

Michael Matthews


Openness ‘essential’

Regarding “McCrory’s public records policies cost NC taxpayers $250,000” (Jan. 10): Please accept my hearty congratulations on The N&O and other media plaintiffs winning the open public records lawsuit against the McCrory administration. I don’t need to tell everyone that without adequate information about the conduct of their governments, the American people would be unable to engage in the practice of self-government.

Openness in government is absolutely essential to our democracy. And you and your associates have shown time and time again that you are willing to protect the public’s right to know – no matter what the cost may be.

Bruce C. Ladd Jr.

Chapel Hill