Letters to the Editor

1/20 Letters: America needs a carbon fee and dividend program

NYC sues, divests from oil firms over climate change” (Jan. 10) raises long-term issues relating to the sustainability of our way of life. New York City is divesting from fossil fuels as a demonstration that the health and long-term livelihood of their public employees is tied directly to climate change, which is driven by our carbon emissions, principally our fossil-fuel based economy.

This is true as continued emissions will continue to cause rising sea levels that will threaten the infrastructure of NYC. Increased temperatures and more severe and frequent storms will cause additional harm.

There is a different way forward. Renewables are viable and there is bipartisan support for a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend program that will give money back to American households while also reducing our carbon emissions by 50 percent.

The argument that we must choose the economy over the environment is outdated and patently false. We can take steps that benefit both. A carbon fee and dividend program will create new jobs, reduce emissions and use the power of the marketplace to solve the climate-change problem instead of relying on additional government regulation.

Justin Baumann


Challenge discrimination

Regarding “Trump says Sen. Durbin misrepresented discussion” (Jan. 15): It is unfortunate that President Trump used such vile language to address Haiti and African countries during a recent meeting.

These remarks are hardly surprising. Trump has a history of attacks and outright lying. For Muslims and people of color, Trump’s recent comments add insult to injury. The United States and other Western countries have conducted genocide, slavery, economic exploitation and destabilizing of foreign countries throughout history, leading to the birth of so-called “s---hole countries.”

Haiti was the first state founded by black people after a slave rebellion more than 200 years ago. As punishment, Haiti has been economically and politically oppressed by European and American governments since its inception. Trump’s remarks are part of a political culture that demonizes African-Americans, immigrants, Muslims, women, LGBTQ people and other marginalized communities.

North Carolina-based Muslims for Social Justice will organize an event titled “Linking Local to Global Struggles: Challenging Racism at Home and Abroad” on Sunday in Raleigh. We invite you to join us to build a stronger movement that will challenge all forms of racism and discrimination.

Munir Abdul Hakim