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1/25 Letters: Amazon HQ2 shouldn’t come to Raleigh

What does Raleigh’s competition for Amazon’s HQ2 look like?

Amazon narrows the field for the company’s second North American headquarters, and Raleigh is a finalist. Here are some pros and cons of each contender.
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Amazon narrows the field for the company’s second North American headquarters, and Raleigh is a finalist. Here are some pros and cons of each contender.

Regarding “A look at cities competing with Raleigh for Amazon” (Jan. 22): I don’t think Amazon will choose our area, and I fervently hope I am right. Why? Have you been on I-40 lately? Have you followed the struggles of people who work for affordable housing? Have you kept up with the mess in the General Assembly?

I know the Chamber of Commerce booster types would give each other hearty back-slaps and that wealthy developers salivate at the thought of a huge influx of residents to our area, but aren’t things just a wee bit overtaxed currently anyway? Isn’t the development machine roaring at full throttle already? Aren’t we dealing with capacity problems in our public schools already, especially now that charters are siphoning off their funding? Aren’t our roads overmatched by the current volume of traffic? Isn’t the spread of cheaply-built housing, fast food franchises, vast ugly malls and a Harris Teeter or CVS on every corner happening fast enough?

Quality of life in this region would be severely compromised by this event, and I urge our civic leaders not to suck up to Jeff Bezos any further. If this makes me an ornery old codger, so be it, dagnabbit.

Edwin E. Renn III

Chapel Hill

Drain the swamp

Regarding “Democrats and GOP point fingers over government shutdown” (Jan. 20): I am really getting tired of Congress, and I mean both parties, doing nothing. They act like little children trying to have their own way instead of addressing the real work they should be doing. This latest holdup on the budget, for example.

I have news for them. You can’t keep operating a deficit budget. I also notice they keep getting paid when the government shuts down. Pretty nice huh? At least President Trump is trying to actually do something, but they keep trying to play politics. I do agree with “it’s time to drain the swamp.”

Hylton Lawrence


Look North on snow

I moved from the North to Springdale Estates in Leesville 19 years ago. I see in the news each year the problems of secondary streets going untreated for days, causing many days of school closings and dangerous ice conditions.

This last storm is no exception. For days people couldn’t get out of their subdivisions or buses couldn’t get in. I notice Cary is beginning to finally take notice of this dangerous and unnecessary situation.

Here is a recommendation that we used up north. HOAs should contract guys with pickup trucks and snow blades to plow the streets when it snows, sanding and salting the hills as well. Yes, there is a monetary budget item, which is relatively inexpensive. The subdivision gets plowed and sanded each time it is necessary, and the pickup guys get paid even if there is no snow all winter. I remember we loved seeing the bladed pickup coming up the street early in the morning with a guy in the back shoveling sand where necessary. We were out to work pretty much on time.

James Beckford