Letters to the Editor

2/1 Letters: Attacks on FBI, Russia investigation must stop

Regarding “Meadows seeks investigation into FBI” (Jan. 28): It appears Senate and House Republicans have conceded an independent branch of government to an increasingly dictatorial executive branch. The institutions we have depended on since our founding are being eroded daily. It appears, our “representatives” have become willing collaborators in the attempt to conform our government to the whims and desires of an out-of-control executive branch.

Who bears the responsibility when a terrorist attack occurs on our soil because the methods and sources of our intelligence services (especially the FBI) have been exposed and compromised by attempts to divert an ongoing, legal investigation into a political campaign? The Republicans seem to be willing to accept the consequences for those who claim to be innocent yet do everything to sidetrack an investigation that, by their claims, should prove their innocence.

The interference in our elections by a hostile enemy power should strike fear in the hearts of all Americans. The protection of our democratic form of government seems less important than protecting serious violations of law by the current administration. One can only speculate the “hair on fire” response if any of the circumstances leading to the current investigation occurred during a prior administration. And, therein lies the hypocrisy.

Margaret Magnani


Gerrymandering solutions

The editorial “Democrats should pledge to put an end to gerrymandering” (Jan. 28) urged Democrats to stop the cycle of partisan gerrymandering. It didn’t ask the same of Republicans that have twisted electoral lines to their advantage. Gerrymandering is drawing voting-district lines to political advantage.

The editorial did not mention proportional representation, the best way to end gerrymandering. It favored an independent voting commission to solve this. However, this voting commission can be manipulated, as illustrated by the Democrats’ proposal to allow the governor an appointment to tilt the commission to the Democrat’s advantage. Also, even if the commission started out balanced, if one of the appointees changed party affiliation, the commission would be unbalanced. Furthermore, third-party representation would not be represented at the commission.

The best method to eliminate gerrymandering: change the election system from single-party plurality to proportional representation. In single-party plurality, the winner of a district captures the entire seat. Here, the ruling party will manipulate voting district lines to their advantage. But, in proportional representation, parties are represented in proportion to the votes they receive. Therefore, there is no incentive to gerrymander.

Daniel Romm

Chapel Hill

Solve immigration reform

Regarding “Congress will try again on immigration reform – but will this time be different?” (Jan. 23): Illegal immigration is a massive problem in the United States. It seems like it is out of control, but that is not the case. If all of us come together, we can solve the issue of illegal immigration.

It is not that hard to debate the topic. We just need people to notice us uniting and taking action on the topic of illegal immigration. We believe in finding a safe and healthy way for undocumented immigrants to not be ‘illegal,’ and in the process not wasting more money that the government does not have.

Corinn Harrington


Donate blood

The need for blood never ends. Every day, patients require blood transfusions for medical conditions like cancer, traumatic injuries, and diseases requiring surgery. After five decades of serving the blood collection needs of our community, Rex Blood Services (RBS) has now transitioned collection and processing operations to The Blood Connection (TBC).

Headquartered in Greenville, SC, TBC is an independent, non-profit community blood center that adheres to the same high-quality standards as Rex, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Association of Blood Banks. The Rex Blood Services Donor Room on Blue Ridge Road is now The Blood Connection Donor Room. Many of our co-workers have transitioned to TBC and stand ready to make the donor experience pleasant and rewarding.

Remember, when you donate blood, you enable us to successfully treat someone in our community, perhaps even someone you know.

Dr. Timothy Carter

Medical Director, Transfusion Services

UNC Rex Hospital