Letters to the Editor

Leigh Zaleon: N.C. regression

I was excited to move to North Carolina 22 years ago. We had a governor who emphasized education. There were exciting new programs for early childhood education, and North Carolina was progressive and a refreshing change in the South. Now North Carolina has gone backward at least 22 years – more like 50!

The so-called tax cuts are really tax shifts or tax redistributions, giving breaks to the rich and taxing the poor, the middle class and senior citizens. Education ratings are below those of Mississippi!

We must let legislators know that we are not happy with these changes. The surplus that Republicans are so proud of has fallen on the back of senior citizens, the middle class and the poor. The working poor can no longer receive child-care subsidies and wind up, again, unemployed!

We must vote in 2016 and change the landscape in North Carolina.

Leigh Zaleon

Chapel Hill