Letters to the Editor

Dale Herman: Useless wars must end

According to the May 18 news article “Candidates: Iraq war a mistake,” the presidential candidates now agree that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. What took them so long?

The U.N. investigation team concluded there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so why the rush to war? Why didn’t we let the investigations conclude and then make a more informed decision?

What do we now say to the families of the 4,491 Americans who died in Iraq? “Oops, sorry!” isn’t adequate.

As a Vietnam veteran, I often think about the wars we fight without purpose; about how I packed up my buddy’s belongings and sent them back home after he was decapitated; about how I picked up the body parts of a Marine after he inadvertently set off a booby trap. These were but two of the 58,000 Americans who died in that other war without a purpose.

How do we now console their families when we know that our government sent their loved ones to die for no good reason?

In the coming presidential elections, I’ll be looking for a candidate who will eliminate war as an option and look for more constructive ways to resolve our conflicts.

Dale Herman