Letters to the Editor

Duke Energy is continuously ‘mishandling’ coal ash cleanup

Regarding “Duke Energy Carolinas rate cut means increase for households” (July 18): I have read that Duke Energy’s executives find it economically uncomfortable to spend the many millions of dollars to clean up the coal ash mess created by their mishandling of the matter.

Now they are trying to push the expense off onto us, their customers. This is unconscionable. They created the mess. We did not in any way get them into this mess, literally.

If they had disposed of the by-product in a timely manner, they would not now have to spend so much money at once. This result was created by the executives of their private enterprise.

When it comes to doing the right thing or embarrassing themselves by asking for financial help, they have forgotten how to blush.

Mark Zimmerman



Regarding “Trump calls European Union a US ‘foe,’ citing trade disputes” (July 15): Forget Trump’s thorough and irrational disruption of the G-7 meeting in Canada, one of our staunchest allies, and his gratuitous insults of its prime minister.

For the moment, just focus on his recent statement describing the European Union as a “global foe” in the face of decades of economic and military cooperation between that Union and the Western world.

Not only was his characterization factually outrageous, it fortifies the Russian Federation’s strong desire to weaken the European Union’s shield against Russian aggression.

I’ll point out just one more example of Trump’s recent mind-boggling declarations. He actually blamed the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters on its own failure to adequately protect itself from hacking.

Steve Bernholz

Chapel Hill

‘New age’

President Trump’s meeting with world leaders does not make him an autocrat; rather, it protects America from foreign powers. I was told more than once to “Hold your friends close but hold your enemies closer.”

President Trump is not waving a white flag. On the contrary, he is demanding each country stand up and meet their obligations to ensure world peace. The U.S. that President Trump envisions is one with higher pay, lower taxes, better health care and secure borders. What country would not want this for its people?

I am humbled by the man who speaks what the majority is thinking and questions the vile and nasty comments of those who oppose him. No one has brought forth reasonable grounds against or made recommendations to improve his policies and protocols.

If the Democrats want to regain their position in the political system, they need to up their game, remain professional and replace old and outdated leaders. It is a new age for America – join us.

Rebecca Beck-Little


Helping animals

Regarding “Headed for the Slaughterhouse, chased by dogs, 500-pound pig gets a new leash on life” (July 16th): As a UNC student and volunteer at Orange County Animal Services, it gives me great pride to be involved with an organization that is so dedicated to protecting animals, even those who are considered “livestock” by the state.

The story of Toby the pig is proof that it’s possible for us to follow OCAS’s example and extend our help to all of the animals in our community.

Pigs are kind, intelligent animals, as evidenced by Toby’s story. I encourage those who feel that Toby’s story brightened their day to consider the implications of monetarily supporting the pork industry . The pork industry not only causes a massive amount of environmental damage to our state, but it also robs pigs like Toby of the life of freedom they deserve.

Danielle du Preez


Making sense

Why should anyone, especially Republicans, expect Trump to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin on interference in our elections?

Putin would simply reply publicly that Russia was working with Trump’s people to get him elected.

This refusal to confront Putin is the only thing Trump has done so far that really makes any sense at all.

Dianne Schaffer