Letters to the Editor

3D-printed plastic guns must be stopped

Prevent 3D guns

Regarding “Judge blocks release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns” (July 31): I want to strongly commend Attorney General Josh Stein for throwing his support behind the movement to prevent the formula for making guns with a 3D printer to be posted on the Internet.

The risks to public safety increase exponentially if this code is allowed to be released. 3D guns have no serial number and are untraceable. There are no background checks to create this type of gun. Anyone with access to the code and a 3D printer – in other words, minors, criminals, terrorists and the mentally ill – would be able to make such a gun. In addition, these guns are plastic and therefore undetectable by regular detectors.

The judge’s decision only lasts until August 28th. This means that additional legal action is critical in order to prevent the release of the code. Please, think about Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando Pulse – I could go on and on. Think about your next airplane flight. We cannot be silent on this issue.

Elaine DeAlmeida

Chapel Hill

Medicare spending

Regarding “How a libertarian analyst inadvertently made a good case for Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All” (July 31): In the moral universe of libertarian thinkers like Charles Blahous, spending private money for goods and services is always better than spending public money. Yet publicly-funded Medicare is hugely more efficient than private insurance .

Blahous predicts that, by 2031, federal healthcare spending will be $4.2 trillion more under Medicare for All. On the other hand, the LA Times reported that economist Ernie Tedeschi used Blahous’ analysis to determine that Medicare for All will reduce national health expenditures by $2 trillion over 10 years.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported that U.S. healthcare costs are growing at 5.5 percent a year. Sooner rather than later, we will be paying $4.2 trillion more than we are now. The real question is whether all of that extra cost goes toward keeping us healthy, or toward profit and compensation for over-paid executives.

Under Medicare for All, there will be no pre-existing condition exclusions, no premiums, and no deductibles or co-payments. Most Americans will pay less for health care that will be accessible to all. That’s the moral universe I prefer to live in.

Jonathan Kotch

Chapel Hill

Find hog solutions

I worked for Health Services starting in the 1970s. Even then, N.C. residents complained about the stench and flies coming from hog operations. I had to advise those citizens Health Services did not have any rules or authority to address their concerns.

I did contact N.C. Extension and request they provide assistance, since it was my understanding they designed or recommended the lagoon systems to handle the hog waste. Extension could not help. The Dept. of Agriculture was also contacted, but they, too, could offer no help.

We know there still is a health and pollution problem associated with the handling and disposal of hog waste. This is demonstrated most recently by the awards handed down by the courts to the plaintiffs in nuisance lawsuits. Also, the N.C. General Assembly this past session passed a law that makes it harder for neighbors to file lawsuits.

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler and the General Assembly are not doing anything to solve the problem, but once again kicking the can down the road. They should be spending their time figuring out we can help contract growers, family farmers and industry pay for the technology that significantly reduces the pollution issue associated with disposal of hog waste.

Ed Terrell


Fix system

Regarding “Illegal voting charges against 12 in Alamance touch a nerve” (Aug. 6) on voter fraud in Alamance County: The voters seemed unaware that they had lost their voting privilege. The election officials apparently did not prohibit these people from voting.

It appears to be as much a fault of the election registration process as any fault of the accused voters. I hope election officials will look at their system and the process for a solution.

It is regrettable that children saw their parents handcuffed for this mistake.

Sally Williford